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        Since June 1997, SHENZHEN CHANGJINCHENG ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES CO., LTD (CJC) has setup manufacturing facilities in Dongguan and Shunde, which has been expanded to more than twenty three thousand square meters, specializing in manufacturing Roller, micro-motors, and motors’ major components (shaft, lamination, metal bracket, motor shell etc), targeting at the component market of Mechanical Manufacturing, Home appliance, Fitness and Leisure equipment, Office products and so on.
        The motor manufacturing sector offers customized products on demand, systematically implementing total process control through mould design to final assembling with the most broadly integrated plant.

        The roller sector wins the competition by importing the equipments, testing machines and the practical technologies from Japan, which leads to an obvious advantage in the local market.
        The company’s products are qualified to the standards of 3C, UL, EC and GS with the constant implementation of ISO 9001:2008 quality management system. Armed by the ERP system, guaranteed quality is built into its products and processes.

        Management philosophy

        • Build partnership with each employee
        • Win by guaranteed quality and delivery.
        • Driving by cooperation
        • Be visionary of innovation and technology
        • Take Action!

        Business strategy

        Resource sharing, winning together is the business concept of CJC with the perspective of building win-win customer and supplier relationship, in a way that the whole supply chain work together to get the best solution on the market, while recognizing each partners concern with honesty.

        Competitive Advantages
        • Long standing supplier relathionship through so many years of cooperation.
        • Strong financial foundation through stable business strategy.
        • Whole product life cycle support through Most broadly integrated plant.
        • Experienced and responsible management team through constant investment in people.


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