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        CJC Applicances: cooperate with university to help staffs get a higher education degree
        1. [ 2012/8/17 ]

        To make an improvement of all the employees, to satisfy their requests of getting higher education degree, our company, CJC Appliances, has been formally built the cooperation relationship with Hunan University of Commerce (HUC).
        On the base of not effecting the normal work (all students will be taught face to face when on weekend or in holidays), HUC provide our staffs Specialty Education or Undergraduate Education for many different majors.
        HUC is a comprehensive university which is well recognized in the field of economics & management, besides, covering a wide range of fields: law, literature, polytechnic & art, etc…HUC gets an honored of “outstanding university”by Ministry of Education’s evaluation.   
        CJC provides the following encourage & reward for this degree cooperation project:
        1. For anyone who gets the HUC degree of Specialty Education & Undergraduate Education by this learning, CJC will reward him/her RMB 3,000-10,000.
        2. For anyone who gets the degree, and has excellent performance in work, CJC will provide the chance for getting prompted.
        Under the encouragement & promotion of CJC Company & HUC, staffs in CJC take this opportunity to apply to join in.

        Here is some pictures took in the promotion meeting site:




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