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        Activity for Aug: Relay Race - Unity Makes Powerful Team
        1. [ 2012/8/25 ]
        On Aug 23rd, 2012, CJC Electrial Appliances held a relay race for all the departments.  

        According to CJC's tradition, which is, helding a big activity covering all departments for each month, Miss Gao, secretary of CEO, chose the relay race for this August.

        All the paticipate of this race are divided into 6 teams(
        Motor Dept, Metal Dept,  Shaft Dept, Roller Dept, Management Dept, Financial Dept) based on the company's organizational division.

        This competition aims to rich our staffs' part-time life, increase the coagulative power, and friendship between each other. The race is held in the open yard of CJC, 3 racing lines, 3 teams for the 1st  turn, and the rest 3 teams for the 2nd turn. 

        The schedule of this race is as below:
        1. All staffs gether in yard. 17:00—17:20
        2. For all: sing the Song of CJC. 17:20—17:23
        3. Judgement. Recorder, supervisor,  cheerleaders, reach to each point. 17:23—17:27
        4. Racing showing time. 17:27—17:31
        5. Racing begins: 17:31—17:45
        6. Prize presentation time: 17:45—18:00
        7. Racing over:18:00—