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        CJC Motor's Latest Project: wind generator has been successfully made out
        1. [ 2012/9/25 ]


        1. Long lifespan: 20 years
        2. Start-up wind low wind speed
        3. High efficiency and low noise
        4. Direct driven permanent magnet generator, without the gear box.
        5. Automatically adjust the facing with direction
        6. Anticorrosion
        7. Brake system: Mechanical Yawing and Electromagnetic Brake
        8. Range of wind power needed: 3-20m/s
        9. Controller: on grid and off grid
        10. Inverter: Pure sine wave

        400W Wind Turbine generator Main technical parameter

        Model CJC WG400
        Rated power 400W
        Generator rated voltage DC36/18
        Start-up wind speed   2m/s
        Rated wind speed 11m/s
        Security wind speed 35m/s
        Working wind speed 3~20
        Speed regulation method Mechanical yawing+ Electromagnetic Brake
        Environment temperature from -30 to 65
        Rated RPM 690r/m
        Shell material Alloy aluminum
        Blade material & qty (pcs) Fiberglass-Reinforced Plastics*3
        Matched inverter type Sine wave
        Suggested batteries capacity 12V100Ah*2pcs
        Heavy wind protection Dump load + Electromagnetic brake
        Generator style Three-phase AC PM